Department of measurement offers students a lot of topics of theses for bachelor or master project. In case your interest, please contact given person directly.

Tereň Ondrej, Ing.
Room: T2:C4-s152

► HW development of measuring instrumentation for non-invasive diagnostics of high voltage machines.
► SW development of measuring instrumentation for non-invasive diagnostics of high voltage machines.

Janošek Michal, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:B3-73

► B.. Časově synchronizovaný datalogger pro magnetické observatoře. Time synchronized datalogger for magnetic observatories. (Raspberry Pi, GPS, NTP, SW  ....)
► M.. Miniaturní AMR magnetometr s velkým rozlišením. Miniature magnetometer with high resolution. (AMR, signal processing, electronics development) .... "
► B/M..Lokalizace dipólového zdroje magnetického pole tenzorovým gradiometrem. Dipole source localization with the help of tensor gradiometer. (mathematics / physics / theory, SW )
► B/M.. Gradiometr pro detekci bludných proudů. Gradiometer for anomalous current detection. (signal processing, electronics development, field measurements)
► B/M.. Stabilizovaný tříosý cívkový systém. Stabilized triaxial coil system. (electronics development, practical trials, calibrations).
► M.. Magnetický variometr s nízkým šumem. Low-noise magnetic variometer. (development of new sensors/electronics).+ more topics on geomagnetic instrumentation / calibration / magnetic prospection on agreement.

Svatoš Jakub, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:A3-317


► Acoustic Signal Detection, Processing and Classification

► Metal Detection and Classification (Eddy current metal detector, Polyharmonic signals, ...)

► Advanced Signal Processing (Matlab, LabVIEW, ...)


Martin Šipoš
Šipoš Martin, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:C4-s151

► ARINC429 Convertor - HW, SW design, USB/RS232 to ARINC429 converter
► Calibration platform for inertial sensors - Pan&Tilt device, accelerometers, gyroscopes, Matlab and C programming
► Local Ethernet Network for Integrated Avionics
 Measuring orientation using the magnetometer - a triaxial magnetometer, Matlab programming
► Multi-antenna GPS system for measuring the position and orientation - GPS receiver Septentrio PolarX2@, position, attitude determination
► User Interface Design for Demonstration of Inertial Navigation Principles - SW realization, navigation principles, position, attitude velocity estimation
► Ultrasonic Sensor System Aided by Inertial Measurements - ultrasonic sensors, inertial measurement unit, position, velocity, attitude estimation

ripka picture
Ripka Pavel, prof. Ing. CSc.
Room: T2: B3-65

Sensors for electric current
Magnetic position and speed sensors
► Sensors for navigation
► Sensors for intelligent buildings
► Applications of magnetic sensors and materials

Tomlain Ján, Ing.
Room: T2:C4-s152

► HW and FW development for high-voltage diagnostics applications like Frequency-response-analysis FRA, Dielectric spectroscopy DSP, Partial Discharge PD
► Time-of-flight TOF camera utilization, R&D activities, HW design
► Design of 3G connectivity car platforms together with infrastructure for various applications (fleet management, car sharing)
► Low consumption microprocessor applications for IoT platforms (LoRaWan, Sigfox, Nb-IoT)

Mattia Butta
Butta Mattia, doc. Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:B3-62, F1-9

► Analysis of noise in an orthogonal fluxgate for different diameter of the wire core
► Study of the correlation of noise in magnetic microwire with different diameter and how it can help in the development of a low noise gradiometer
► Algorithm for live compensation of local noise due to car traffic on a geomagnetic observatory

Radek Sedláček
Sedláček Radek, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:B3-63,T2:C4-S152b

► Precision impedance measurements in the LF and HF at the metrology level.
► Coaxial transformer bridges for impedance measurement and comparison.
► Calibration of impedance standards in QHE based measurement system.
► Digital Signal Processing: digital filters, implementation of DSP algorithms on FPGA (Intel Altera, Xilinx), ARM, DSP platform. SoC design on FPGA.
► Non-destructive testing (NDT) of HV machines: partial discharge (PD) measurement, frequency response analyse (FRA), dielectric spectroscopy (DSP).

Kowalczuk Yann, Ing.
Room: T2:B3-360

Qualitative measurements of telecommunication networks.

Evaluation of Digital Watermarking on Subjective Speech Quality:

Fischer Jan, doc. Ing. CSc.
Room: T2:B3-441a,T2:A3-315

► Design of the measurement instruments with ARM Cortex -M based microcontrollers (STM32xxx)
► Software defined instruments (e.g. LEO,...)
► Embedded systems, DAQ (Some of  the latest theses  DP7, BP6, BP7, BP8,   BP1, BP2, BP3, BP4, BP5, DP1, DP2, DP3, DP4, DP5, DP6 )

► Simple laboratory instruments based on the STM32 microcontrolers
► Digital oscilloscope based on Raspberry PI PICO
► Sampling oscilloscope based od Raspberry PI PICO

Info on BP, DP:

Novák Jiří, doc. Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:B3-458

Methods and Instruments for Testing of Vehicle Distributed System (open link for more information)

Photo is not available :)
Sobotka Jan, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:B3-458

► Integration testing of Automotive ECUs - generation of tests from Timed Automata models.
► Automotive Ethernet - development of a testing tool for this new automotive communication system.
► Supervision of a Formula Student related thesis - I'm the former member of CTU CarTech, I can be a right person if you need a supervisor or consult some work related to CTU CarTech or eForce FEE Prague Formula teams.

Hrakova Diana, Mgr.
Room: T2:B3-70

Novel magnetic materials for sensors application - školitel: prof. Ripka


Tomáš Drábek
Drábek Tomáš, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:B3-360

► Measurement of quality of communication technology with parallel load
►​​​​​​​ Measurement of illuminance and acoustic noise in buildings
►​​​​​​​ Automatic measurement in buildings

vojta petrucha
Petrucha Vojtěch, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:B3-73

Generally: magnetism, microcontrollers, sensors, signal processing...

currently in progress: (to be finished in May 2023)

High resolution DAQ
Compact BH-loop tracer for closed samples

to be solved in 2023/2024 (bachelor/master level)

  • Instrument for fluxgate sensor noise measurements (digital lock-in combined with fluxgate excitation  - based on STM32 devkit + FPGA devkit + high resolution ADC with low noise frontend + LabView application)
  • UAV magnetometer update

    check the faculty project site:

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Team project topics:


More information about the topics solved in the past..

Oscilloscope, Metrology, Programming of systems
Šimůnek Martin , Ing.
Room: T2:A4-104

► Design and development of automated measurement systems.
► Intelligent home, IoT.
► Signal analysis of acquired long files.


Holub Jan, prof. Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:A3-320

► Measurement of Speech and Multimedia Quality
► Subjective Intelligibility Testing
► Parallel Task (Dual Task) Subjective Testing
 Objective Audio and Video Quality Testing
 Smart City: Acoustic Event Detection and Processing
► IoT: Smart Acoustic Detector
► Android: Crowd Safety and Security Applications

Antonin Platil
Platil Antonin, doc. Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:B3-64

► Fluxgate gradiometer calibration [magnetic sensor, fluxgate, gradient, calibration]
► Multipoint calibration of electronic compass [magnetic sensor, fluxgate, compass, calibration]
► Magnetic FEM modeling [FEM, finite element modeling, landmines, magnet, sensors]

Jan Kučera
Kučera Jan, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:C4-s152b

► Characterization of programmable voltage generators with several methods (amplitude stability, phase error, distortion, ...) by automated software.

► Modeling electrical impedance structures in a software based on finite element methods (drawing 3D models, application of boundary conditions, meshing and converting results).


Šmíd Radislav, prof. Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:A3-324

► Machine Condition Monitoring (MCM): Virtual Sensors, Fault Detection & Diagnostics, Digital Twin
► Non-destructive Testing (NDT), Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
► Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Wireless Low-power Vibration Monitoring HW, Edge Computing
► Microcontroller based Instrumentation, Embedded Signal Processing

Novotný David, Ing.
Room: T2:B3-71

► Design and verification of discrete multi-slope integrating AD converter

Mlejnek Pavel, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2: B3-72

► Moisture sensor for the wooden buildings with RFID communication interface

+ Topics that are related to the building automation, sensors for building construction, IoT communication, and DAQ systems

Jan Cagáň
Cagáň Jan, Ing.
Room: external

► Design of the measurement instruments for the electrical resistance tomography
► Regularisation of the inverse problem in the electrical resistance tomography

Drozd Stanislav, Ing.
Room: T2:C4-s152
  • Structural health monitoring using quided waves
  • Wireless power transfer in low-power sensor networks
  • Time synchronization in wireless networks
Roztočil Jaroslav, doc. Ing. CSc.
Room: T2:B3-452

► Precise time and frequency measurement. Time transfer using GNSS (GPS, Galileo). Time transfer via optical fibers. 
► Synchronization in distributed systems (NTP, PTP, GNSS receivers).
► Design and development of automated measurement systems. Data acquisition (DAQ) systems programming.