Department of measurement offers students a lot of topics of theses for bachelor or master project. In case your interest, please contact given person directly.

Roztočil Jaroslav, doc. Ing. CSc.
Room: T2:B3-452

► Precise time and frequency measurement. Time transfer using GNSS (GPS, Galileo). Time transfer via optical fibers. 
► Synchronization in distributed systems (NTP, PTP, GNSS receivers).
► Design and development of automated measurement systems. Data acquisition (DAQ) systems programming.


Tereň Ondrej, Ing.
Room: T2:C4-s152

► HW development of measuring instrumentation for non-invasive diagnostics of high voltage machines.
► SW development of measuring instrumentation for non-invasive diagnostics of high voltage machines.

Tomlain Ján, Ing.
Room: T2:C4-s152

► HW and FW development for high-voltage diagnostics applications like Frequency-response-analysis FRA, Dielectric spectroscopy DSP, Partial Discharge PD
► Time-of-flight TOF camera utilization, R&D activities, HW design
► Design of 3G connectivity car platforms together with infrastructure for various applications (fleet management, car sharing)
► Low consumption microprocessor applications for IoT platforms (LoRaWan, Sigfox, Nb-IoT)

Jan Kučera
Kučera Jan, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:C4-s152b

► Characterization of programmable voltage generators with several methods (amplitude stability, phase error, distortion, ...) by automated software.

► Modeling electrical impedance structures in a software based on finite element methods (drawing 3D models, application of boundary conditions, meshing and converting results).


ripka picture
Ripka Pavel, prof. Ing. CSc.
Room: T2: B3-441b

► Sensors for electric current
► Position sensors
► Sensors for navigation
► Fluxgate sensor based on nanowire array


Mattia Butta
Butta Mattia, doc. Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:B3-62, F1-9

► Analysis of noise in an orthogonal fluxgate for different diameter of the wire core
► Study of the correlation of noise in magnetic microwire with different diameter and how it can help in the development of a low noise gradiometer
► Algorithm for live compensation of local noise due to car traffic on a geomagnetic observatory

Novák Jiří, doc. Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:B3-458

Methods and Instruments for Testing of Vehicle Distributed System (open link for more information)

Šmíd Radislav, prof. Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:A3-324

► Machine Condition Monitoring (MCM): Virtual Sensors, Fault Detection & Diagnostics, Digital Twin
► Non-destructive Testing (NDT), Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
► Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Wireless Low-power Vibration Monitoring HW, Edge Computing
► Microcontroller based Instrumentation, Embedded Signal Processing

Slavata Oldřich, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:A3-360

► Objective measurement of voice transmission quality

Novotný David, Ing.
Room: T2:B3-74


► Magnetic sensors cross-correlation vehicle speed measurement

► Design and verification of discrete multi-slope integrating AD converter

Oscilloscope, Metrology, Programming of systems
Šimůnek Martin , Ing.
Room: T2:B3-65

► Design and development of automated measurement systems.
► Intelligent home, IoT.
► Signal analysis of acquired long files.


Antonin Platil
Platil Antonin, doc. Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:B3-64

► Fluxgate gradiometer calibration [magnetic sensor, fluxgate, gradient, calibration]
► Multipoint calibration of electronic compass [magnetic sensor, fluxgate, compass, calibration]​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​►​​​​​​​ Magnetic FEM modeling [FEM, finite element modeling, landmines, magnet, sensors]

Martin Šipoš
Šipoš Martin, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:C4-s151

► ARINC429 Convertor - HW, SW design, USB/RS232 to ARINC429 converter
► Calibration platform for inertial sensors - Pan&Tilt device, accelerometers, gyroscopes, Matlab and C programming
► Local Ethernet Network for Integrated Avionics
 Measuring orientation using the magnetometer - a triaxial magnetometer, Matlab programming
► Multi-antenna GPS system for measuring the position and orientation - GPS receiver Septentrio PolarX2@, position, attitude determination
► User Interface Design for Demonstration of Inertial Navigation Principles - SW realization, navigation principles, position, attitude velocity estimation
► Ultrasonic Sensor System Aided by Inertial Measurements - ultrasonic sensors, inertial measurement unit, position, velocity, attitude estimation

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Sobotka Jan, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:B3-458

► Integration testing of Automotive ECUs - generation of tests from Timed Automata models.
► Automotive Ethernet - development of a testing tool for this new automotive communication system.
► Supervision of a Formula Student related thesis - I'm the former member of CTU CarTech, I can be a right person if you need a supervisor or consult some work related to CTU CarTech or eForce FEE Prague Formula teams.

Kubeš Jiří, Ing.
Room: T2:G1-20

► Localization of Nodes in Internet of Things
► Augmented Reality in Industry 4.0
► Sensor Data Fusion

Svatoš Jakub, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:A3-317

► Acoustic Signal Detection, Processing and Classifying

► Advanced Signal Processing (Matlab, LabVIEW, ...)

► Metal Detection and Classification (Eddy current metal detector, Polyharmonic signals, ...)

Fischer Jan, doc. Ing. CSc.
Room: T2:B3-441a,T2:A3-315

► Videometry - application of optoelectronic image sensors (CCD and CMOS)  in the contactless measurement
► Design of the measurement instruments with ARM Cortex -M based microcontrollers (STM32xxx)
► Software defined instruments (e.g. LEO,...)
► Embedded systems, DAQ (Some of  the latest theses BP1, BP2, BP3, BP4, BP5, DP1, DP2, DP3, DP4, DP5, DP6 )

Tomáš Drábek
Drábek Tomáš, Ing.
Room: T2:B3-360

► Measurement of quality of communication technology with parallel load
►​​​​​​​ Measurement of illuminance and sound

Hrakova Diana, Mgr.
Room: T2:B3-70

Magnetické senzory - školitel: prof. Ripka


Janošek Michal, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:B3-73

► B.. Časově synchronizovaný datalogger pro magnetické observatoře. Time synchronized datalogger for magnetic observatories. (Raspberry Pi, GPS, NTP, SW  ....)
► M.. Miniaturní AMR magnetometr s velkým rozlišením. Miniature magnetometer with high resolution. (AMR, signal processing, electronics development) .... "
► B/M..Lokalizace dipólového zdroje magnetického pole tenzorovým gradiometrem. Dipole source localization with the help of tensor gradiometer. (mathematics / physics / theory, SW )
► B/M.. Gradiometr pro detekci bludných proudů. Gradiometer for anomalous current detection. (signal processing, electronics development, field measurements)
► B/M.. Stabilizovaný tříosý cívkový systém. Stabilized triaxial coil system. (electronics development, practical trials, calibrations).
► M.. Magnetický variometr s nízkým šumem. Low-noise magnetic variometer. (development of new sensors/electronics).+ more topics on geomagnetic instrumentation / calibration / magnetic prospection on agreement.

Radek Sedláček
Sedláček Radek, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:B3-63

► Precision impedance measurements in the LF and HF at the metrology level.
► Coaxial transformer bridges for impedance measurement and comparison.
► Calibration of impedance standards in QHE based measurement system.
► Digital Signal Processing: digital filters, implementation of DSP algorithms on FPGA (Intel Altera, Xilinx), ARM, DSP platform. SoC design on FPGA.
► Non-destructive testing (NDT) of HV machines: partial discharge (PD) measurement, frequency response analyse (FRA), dielectric spectroscopy (DSP).

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Avetisyan Hakob, Mgr.
Room: T2:B3-360
► Parallel Task in Subjective Audio Quality and Speech Intelligibility Assessments
Ing. Lukáš Krejčí
Krejčí Lukáš, Ing.
Room: T2:B3-454

► Integration testing of Automotive ECUs - generation of tests from Timed Automata models and methods for automatic prioritization of parts of tested system.


Mlejnek Pavel, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2: B3-72

► Implementation of the communication interface of 3-axis magnetometer

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Petrucha Vojtěch, Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:B3-73

Generally: magnetism, microcontrollers, sensors, signal processing...

currently in progress: (to be finished in 6/2021)

Development of an auxiliary module for PC104 format-based CubeSat control system
Robotic arm for mobile robot
Ionizing radiation detector for mobile robot

LIDAR sensor for mobile robot, Sawppy robot clone
Advanced signal processing techniques for proton magnetometer

to be solved in 2020/2021 (bachelor/master level) max. 4-5 topics will be opened

  • Overhauser magnetometer design & testing (a bit of rf circuits, electronics and stm32 programming)
  • Demonstration instruments for Sensors and measurements teaching (contactless thermometer, ultrasonic rangefinder, radiation detector, fiber-optic gyroscope)
  • High resolution analog to digital converter for magnetic measurements (precise analog electronics & STM32)
  • Precise magnetic field measurement based on NMR (DDS frequency synthesis, analog and digital circuits, STM32... experimantal work - NMR nutation method)
  • Fluxgate magnetometer for rock-samples measurements (cooperation with Faculty of Science, Charles University)

Sounds interesting? Send an email and come to MAGLAB to discuss the topics personally...!

More information about the topics solved in the past..

Drozd Stanislav, Ing.
Room: T2:C4-s152
  • Structural health monitoring using quided waves
  • Wireless power transfer in low-power sensor networks
  • Time synchronization in wireless networks
Holub Jan, prof. Ing. Ph.D.
Room: T2:A3-320

► Measurement of Speech and Multimedia Quality
► Subjective Intelligibility Testing
► Parallel Task (Dual Task) Subjective Testing
 Objective Audio and Video Quality Testing
►​​​​​​​ Smart City: Acoustic Event Detection and Processing
► IoT: Smart Acoustic Detector
► Android: Crowd Safety and Security Applications

Ing. Ondřej Hanuš - foto
Hanuš Ondřej, Ing.
Room: T2:G1-20

► Aircraft power consumption diagnosis
► Application of Fault Detection and Diagnostics methods

Jan Cagáň
Cagáň Jan, Ing.
Room: external

► Design of the measurement instruments for the electrical resistance tomography
► Regularisation of the inverse problem in the electrical resistance tomography