Ing. Vojtěch Petrucha, Ph.D.


Assistant professor

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Ph.D. - 3/2012 - 2/2007, CTU in Prague, FEE, Department of Measurement, Sensors and Magnetics Laboratory, 
Ing. (M.Sc.)  - CTU in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
High School of Electrical Engineering, Bozetechova 3, Olomouc,

Stays abroad

9/2007 - 3/2008
Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Magnetometry section of the National Space Institute,

Work experience

2005 - ON Semiconductor - Roznov pod Radhostem, Wafer probing section
2006 - 2010 Novuco (Tuso, Hoodoo Bytes) HW, SW developer

Summer schools

2007 - 7th Summer School on "ADC & DAC Metrology", University of Sannio, Benevento, Italy
2008 - 8th Summer School on "Distributed measurement systems", University of Gavle, Sweden

Teaching activity

B3B35RO - Robots (Laboratory exercises)
B3B38SME - Sensors and Measurements (Lectures & Laboratory exercises)
B3B38LPE - Laboratories of industrial electronics and sensors (Laboratory exercises)

Supervision of individual and team projects

Supervision of Bachelor's and Master's degree theses

Defended theses

Bachelor's degree

Three Channel AD Converter for Fluxgate Magnetometer
Universal Excitation Unit for Fluxgate Sensors Development
Datalogger for Vector Magnetometer
Display Module for Vector Magnetometer
FPGA Controlled Magnetometer with Digital Output
Current Source for a Test Coil System
Intelligent Power Bank for Magnetometers
Modular Fluxgate Magnetometer with Digital Output
Applications of ESP32 Integrated Circuit
Environment Monitoring Unit with Wi-Fi Interface
System for Remote Monitoring of Laboratory Processes
Applications of Time-to-Digital Converters
Arbitrary Magnetic Field Vector Generation System with a Cancelation of External Disturbances
Development of a control system for microtomography (in cooperation with ÚTEF ČVUT)

Master's degree

Dual Head Vector AMR Magnetometer
System for Automatic Take-off and Landing of an UAV for Exterior Monitoring of Buildings
Quasi-definitive geomagnetic data production
Satellite Attitude Control Magnetometer
Wireless Data Acquisition System with Low Magnetic Contamination
Multipurpose Data Visualization and Recording Unit for Aircraft and Industrial Use
Data Acquisition System for Vector Magnetometers
Magnetic Gradiometer for Car Detection and Speed Measurements
System for Curie temperature measurement 

Research interests

Sensors generally, Development of magnetic sensors and magnetometers (AMR, Fluxgate), Characterization and calibration of sensors and magnetometers, Thermomagnetic treatment of magnetic materials and their characterization, Instrumentation for geological exploration and magnetic field mapping, paleomagnetism

Current projects

Czech Science Foundation - To the origin of the fluxgate noise (doc. Butta)

Past projects

Center of competence TACR - Advanced sensors
Czech Science Foundation - Magnetic gradiometer based on fundamental mode orthogonal fluxgate
Czech Science Foundation, post-doc research project "Study of a sensor construction impact on vector magnetometer parameters using extended scalar calibration methods"
Technology Agency of the Czech Republic - participation in project "Fluxgate gradiometer for space applications" 
Magnetometer for search for Chebarkul meteorite (research prototype customized for underwater search for magnetic anomalies). Strong magnetic anomaly has been found close to the impact crater…
In Space Propulsion 1 - work within a group of european companies - institutes on a cryogenic propulsion system (development of a complete data acquisition chain for a new electric propellant turbopump testing), cooperation with Snecma (rockets and satellites engines division)
Vectorially compensated triaxial vector fluxgate magnetometer
Non-magnetic Platform for Scalar Calibration of Magnetometers (and Accelerometers)
Microaccelerometer Physical Sensor Simulator (cooperation with VZLU)


2006 - Nove trendy v rozvoji letectva, Kosice, Slovak Republic (oral presentation)
2007 - POSTER 2007, Prague, Czech Republic (poster)
2007 - Soft Magnetic Materials, Cardiff, UK (poster)
2008 - Magnetic Measuremets, Budapest, Hungary (poster)
2008 - IEEE Sensors, Lecce, Italy (oral presentation)
2008 - Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Austin, Texas, USA (poster)
2009 - EUROSENSORS, Lausanne, Switzerland (poster)
2009 - IEEE Sensors, Christchurch, New Zealand (poster)
2010 - IEEE Sensors, Waikoloa, USA (poster)
2011 - Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA (poster)
2012 - MM2012, Magnetic Measurements 2012, Slovak Republic (oral presentation)
2014 - I2MTC 2014, IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Montevideo, Uruguay (poster)
2014 - EMSA 2014, 10th European Conference on Magnetic Sensors and Actuators, Vienna, Austria
2015 - MM2015, Magnetic Measurements 2015, Slovak Republic
2016 - IEEE Sensors Application Symposium, 2016, Italy (oral presentation)
2016 - EMSA 2016, 11th European Magnetic Sensors and Actuators Conference, 2016, Italy (poster)
2017 - MM2017, Magnetic Measurements 2017, Prague
2018 - EMSA 2018, European Magnetic Sensors and Actuators Conference, Athens, Greece
2019 - JOINT MMM-INTERMAG 2019, IEEE International Magnetics Conference and the Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Washington, USA
2020 - IEEE I2MTC Dubrovnik - online (due to Covid-19)
2020 - IEEE Sensors 2020 -  online

Theses Topics

Generally: magnetism, microcontrollers, sensors, signal processing...

currently in progress: (to be finished in 6/2021)

Development of an auxiliary module for PC104 format-based CubeSat control system
Robotic arm for mobile robot
Ionizing radiation detector for mobile robot

LIDAR sensor for mobile robot, Sawppy robot clone
Advanced signal processing techniques for proton magnetometer

to be solved in 2020/2021 (bachelor/master level) max. 4-5 topics will be opened

  • Overhauser magnetometer design & testing (a bit of rf circuits, electronics and stm32 programming)
  • Demonstration instruments for Sensors and measurements teaching (contactless thermometer, ultrasonic rangefinder, radiation detector, fiber-optic gyroscope)
  • High resolution analog to digital converter for magnetic measurements (precise analog electronics & STM32)
  • Precise magnetic field measurement based on NMR (DDS frequency synthesis, analog and digital circuits, STM32... experimantal work - NMR nutation method)
  • Fluxgate magnetometer for rock-samples measurements (cooperation with Faculty of Science, Charles University)

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