Ing. Ján Tomlain


Ph.D. student

Phone number





tomlajan [at]

Main fields of interest:

  • FPGA applications including SoC design (Altera NIOS II)
  • Microprocessor-based device development (Atmel Xmega, TI MSP430, STM32 Cortex M4)
  • PCB design with 3D support (Altium Designer)

Curriculum vitae:

  • 2012 - Bc. in Sensors and instrumentation, CTU FEE
  • 2014 - Ing. (M.Sc.) in Sensors and instrumentation, CTU FEE

Teaching activities:

Ph.D. topic

Theses Topics

► HW and FW development for high-voltage diagnostics applications like Frequency-response-analysis FRA, Dielectric spectroscopy DSP, Partial Discharge PD
► Time-of-flight TOF camera utilization, R&D activities, HW design
► Design of 3G connectivity car platforms together with infrastructure for various applications (fleet management, car sharing)
► Low consumption microprocessor applications for IoT platforms (LoRaWan, Sigfox, Nb-IoT)