Ing. Pavel Mlejnek, Ph.D.


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  • Ph.D. in Measuring Technology, CTU, June 2012 (Contactless current measurement methods for determining of power, resistant to external disturbances)
  • Ing. (MSc.) in Measurement and Instrumentation, CTU, February 2005 (Contactless Current Measurement Device with Anisotropic Magnetoresistors)
  • Secondary school of Electrical Engineering at Pardubice, Computers and Automatization, June 1999
Work experinece
  • Since 2013 - Researcher at University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings CTU
  • Since 2009 - Assistant professor at Department of Measurement, FEE CTU
  • 2007 - 2011 - Researcher at Department of Measurement, FEE CTU
Teaching Experience
  • Tutor for Intelligent Buildings Master Study Programme
  • A0B38GRP - Graphical Programming
  • A5M38SPD - Data Acquisition and Transfer
  • A5M38SZS - Sensors and Networks
  • A3B38SME - Sensors and Measurement
  • A3M38VIP - Virtual Instruments
  • A7B14SAP - Structures and Architectures of Computers
  • A1B38EMA, X38EMB, X38EMC - Electrical Measurements
  • 38MAP - Magnetic Elements and Measurement
  • X38MSP - Measuring Systems and their Programming
  • X38SZP - Sensors and Transducers
Supervised students
  • Starý Jakub: Modular sensor system for rainwater management, 2023 (master)
  • Kodad Tomáš: Smart electrical installation of duplex apartment, 2020 (master)
  • Pokorný Michal: Design of security and data systems in the building, 2019 (bachelor)
  • Bareš Vladimír: Contactless Current Sensor with Fluxgate Sensors, 2018 (bachelor)
  • Dytrych Pavel: Wireless Monitoring System for Measurement of the Buildings Vibrations, 2018 (master)
  • Mrňa Jan: Wireless Indoor Air Quality Sensor Platform, 2018 (master, co-supervisor)
  • Campr Tomáš: Contactless Humidity and Temperature Sensor of Building Constructions, 2018 (master)
  • Ondrička Matej: Intelligent Control of the House, 2016 (master)
  • Vodička Aleš: Increased Moisture Detection and Early Warning System for Buildings, 2015 (master)
  • Hašek Miroslav: System for Energy Measurement and Other Quantities in Building, 2015 (master)
  • Marek Jiří:  Wireless Home Automation System, 2014 (master)
  • Jánský Václav: Temperature and Moisture Sensor for Building Constructions, 2014 (bachelor)
  • Šedivý Jiří: Design of Controlling System TAC Xenta for Office, 2013 (master)
  • Vodička Aleš: Telemetry for RC Models of Airplanes, 2012 (bachelor)
  • Veigert Jan: Experimental Control in Home Automation, 2012 (master)
  • Klíma Jakub: Intelligent Web for Modern House, 2012 (master)
  • Musil Marek: The Use of the Rogowski Coil for Current Measurement and the Analysis of its Parameters, 2007 (bachelor)
  • Sensors electrical and nonelectrical quantities
  • Current sensing
  • Systems for modern buildings
  • Graphical programming of automated systems

Theses Topics

► Moisture sensor for the wooden buildings with RFID communication interface

+ Topics that are related to the building automation, sensors for building construction, IoT communication, and DAQ systems