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Novák, T., Andriantsarazo, E., Guerra-Yánez, C., Pospíšil, P., & Vojtěch, J. (2023, June). Preparing the deployment of quantum key distribution over a classical network infrastructure in Prague. In Quantum Optics and Photon Counting 2023 (Vol. 12570, pp. 22-27). SPIE.

Vojtech, J., Novak, T., Andriantsarazo, E., Smotlacha, V., Havlis, O., Vohnout, R., ... & Roztocil, J. (2023, October). Towards shared fiber dissemination infrastructure for precise time, coherent optical frequency, and entanglement transfers with sensing option. In Infrared Remote Sensing and Instrumentation XXXI (Vol. 12686, pp. 22-26). SPIE.


2012 - 2017 Bachelor's degree at Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
2017 - 2020 Master's degree at Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering