doc. Ing. Jan Fischer, CSc.


Associate professor

Phone number

+420-22435-2179, 5827




fischer [at]

Member of the State Examination Board at the FEE. 

Research interests:

Design of the measuring instruments with ARM based single chip microcontrollers (ARM Cortex- M4, M0,..) and signal processors. Software Defined Instruments.

Teaching activities:

Lectures and laboratory exercises in Design of Control Part of Digital Instruments and Modules, Contactless Measurements, Visual Sensors and Measurements, Application of Microprocessors in Measurement.

Theses Topics

► Design of the measurement instruments with ARM Cortex -M based microcontrollers (STM32xxx)
► Software defined instruments (e.g. LEO,...)
► Embedded systems, DAQ (Some of  the latest theses  DP7, BP6, BP7, BP8,   BP1, BP2, BP3, BP4, BP5, DP1, DP2, DP3, DP4, DP5, DP6 ) and the others are here.

► Simple laboratory instruments based on the STM32 microcontrolers
► Digital oscilloscope based on Raspberry PI PICO
► Sampling oscilloscope based od Raspberry PI PICO

Info on BP, DP: