Human Factors and Biomedical Measurements

HF&BM research group incorporates experts for sound and video perception, pilot response evaluation etc. and related interdisciplinary fields (magnetopneumography, iEEG evaluation, biomedical sensors etc.).

Group members:

Prof. Ing. Jan Holub, Ph.D. – audio and video perception modeling - quality of audio and video signals evaluation

Assoc. Prof. Ing. Radislav Šmíd, Ph.D. - multichannel signal analysis

Assoc. Prof. Ing. Antonín Platil, Ph.D. – magnetopneumography

Ing. Oldřich Slavata – audio and video signal analysis in IP networks

Ing. Ondřej Brůna – human factors in aerospace engineering

Ing, Hakob Avetisyan - speech quality and intelligibility assessment, non-traditional approaches

Ing,. Tomáš Drábek - automated and robot-assisted quality measurments