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PhD. student since 2024
Thesis topic: Bezpečnostní aplikace magnetických senzorů
Supervisor: prof. Ing. Pavel Ripka, CSc.
Supervisor specialist: Ing. Mehran Mirzaei, Ph.D.

Sensors and Measurement (B3B38SME1) - Summer semester 2023/2024

Conference publications:
Maier, J., Ripka, P., Chen, P., & Chan, L. Y. (2023, September 6). Microfluxgate Sensor with racetrack core [Poster session]. 26th Soft Magnetic Materials Conference (SMM), Prague, Czech Republic.

Maier, J. (2023, June 15). Universal Graphical User Interface for Data Visualization and Control of Custom User-Assembled Measuring Instruments [Conference presentation]. Student Conference on Sensors, Systems and Measurement, Prague, Czech Republic.

Theses Topics

Master Thesis: Miniaturized Fluxgate Sensors
CMOS base integrated fluxgate sensor developed in collaboration with NTUST, Taiwan

Bachelor Thesis: The Universal GUI for PC Based Oscillographs
Data visualization software for custom software-defined instruments, runtime loaded custom GUI for instrument control. Using Qt framework in C++.