Mass production of software-defined-instruments for distant teaching

STM32F042F6 based Software-Defined-Instruments proved to be very useful for distant teaching of electronics within number of courses here at the Department of Measurements. Students typically build the instrument on breadboard and use it either with provided SDI firmware and software or their own firmware. We decided to design a small PCB with a slightly modified circuit - we added few serial resistors to protect the MCU and transistor driven LEDs. So the students can use it for diagnostics while debugging their own firmware. A hundred of pieces was manufactured at Allpcb and finished here at the department (connector soldering). STM32F042F6P6 can behave like a voltmeter with recording capability, generator, oscilloscope, frequency counter or logic analyzer. Look for Zero elabViewer or MLI - Multifunctional Laboratory Instrument at Manufacturing files are available upon request.