Department of Measurement organized courses of Practical Electronics for incoming students in September

Two runs of practical electronics course for the incoming students (1st year of bachelor) took place during two weeks at the beginning of September (1st run 31.8-4.9, 2nd run 7-11.9.). Each day consisted of two sessions - theoretical lecture and practical laboratory work. The students got familiar with a simple STM32 based microcontroller platform which was used for measurements and evaluation of simple electronic circuits. At the end most of the students were also able to programme some elementary task using mbed, like operating LED indicator or generating a melody with a buzzer. There were some extra activities - discussions with older students (who served as lectors during the laboratory exercises), very short introduction into soldering, joint dinner where students could informally discuss study procedures and get to know each other. Each participant kept his/her microcontroller platform built by himself during the course for possible further experiments at home or for usage in other subjects during the studies.