Department of Measurement organized the 4th Course of Practical Electronics

Department of Measurement organized the 4th Course of Practical Electronics. The course focused on students from secondary schools entering FEE who do not have knowledge of electronics.

The course was divided into two weekly blocks (2.9. – 6.9., 9.9. – 13.9.). The attendance was 24 KyR students in the first block, and 23 KyR students and 18 EEM students in the second block. The Department of Electric Drives and Traction also co-operated in the organization of EEM laboratory teaching.

Within the course, students learned theoretical fundamentals of electronics, and consequently they verified gained knowledge practically during laboratory experiments with circuits assembled on a solderless contact field. As a measuring instrument (voltmeter, oscilloscope, and generator) connected via USB to a PC, they used a F0-Lab instrument controlled by a 32-bit microcontroller with an ARM Cortex core. Each course participant also assembled the F0-Lab itself in a solderless contact field.

The course also presented the basics of programming the microcontroller STM32F042 used in the F0-Lab in C ++ using on-line IDE mbed.

Each successful participant of the Practical Electronics Course received the diploma and its own F0-Lab device.

The course itself was not focused on electronics only, it had also informative character about studies at FEE. During the course, older students – lecturers who helped with teaching shared knowledge and their experience with participants – future students of FEE.   In order to establish closer relations between participants and teachers, a joint dinner was also organized at Masaryk Dormitory. There was space for informal contacts and discussions.

The Course of Practical Electronics was very successful and beneficial according to the student survey and course organizers. The aim of the course was to help to associate and adapt easier to higher education.