Our Department joined the Czech Maker Faire in June 2019

Citizen science collective Žádná Věda in cooperation with the Czech Technical University, New Media Studies (Faculty of Arts), Make More enterprise and the communication agency Taktiq organized the Czech Maker Faire during June 22-23.

The Czech Market Faire belongs to the largest show of innovation, creativity, and sophistication for the whole family. It is a meeting of creative and inquisitive people who enjoy learning new things and share informally knowledge and experience in a friendly environment. It opens to engineers, craftsmen, artists, handymen, gardeners as well as scientists.  

The Department of Measurement joined the Czech Maker Faire together with other 200 "makers" and it presented there magnetic levitator, electromagnetic disc thrower, ultrasonic and laser rangefinders, various robotic cars, or BBC training microbit. There was a great interest of visitors in experiments with magnets, e.g. in electromagnetic braking. The Department also presented a method of practical training in electronics with minimum equipment by using ARM Cortem microcontrollers.