doc. Ing. Josef Vedral, CSc.


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Author of Books: Zpracování a digitalizace analogových signálů v měřicí technice

                         Elektronické obvody pro měřicí techniku

Vedral, Josef: Analog Signal Processing and Digitization in Measurement. ČVUT 2020. ISBN:978-80-01-06717-8
Vedral, Josef: Číslicové měřicí přístroje. ČVUT 2020. ISBN:978-80-01-06777-2
Vedral, Josef: Digital measuring instruments of electrical quantities. ČVUT 2021. ISBN: 978-80-01-06860-1


Curriculum vitae

1971 Diploma VZLU Prague Ing. (MSc) 1971

1971-1973 Researcher VU 060 Prague

1977 Dissertation CSc (Digital to Analog Converters with dynamic dividers)

1975-1980 1/3 Researcher, Laboratory Instruments in Prag (Chromatography signal processing)

1980-1985 1/3 Researcher, Nuclear Research Institut in Prague (Data Acquisition System CAMAC)

1991 Habilitation (Testing of dynamic parameters of ADCs)

Stays abroad

1985 DAAD visiting scientist (3 months), Technical University Munich, BRD

2002 DAAD visiting scientist (2 months), University Erlangen Nurnberg, BRD

Teaching activity


B3M38ZDS Analog signal processing and digitalization

XP38MDR Digitalisation and reconstruction of continuous signals


Holub, J.: Linearisation of ADC transfer characteristics with dither signals, 1999

Andrle, M.: Testing of ADCs with deterministic and stochastic Signals, 2002

Al Iriany, K.: Testing of dynamic parameters of digital oscilloscopes, 2003

Kříž, M.: Partial discharge measurement system and methods optimization. 2009

Svatoš, J.: Mine detection using polyharmonic signals, 2010

Fexa, P.: ADC and DAC testing by polyharmonic signals, 2011

Tomlain, J.: Usage of frequency response analysis for non-invasion diagnostics of the high-voltage transformers insulation (from 2014)

Tereň, O.: Dielectric spectroscopy in high voltage machines diagnostic (from 2014)

Research interests

Analog signal processing and digitalization, Testing of ADCs with deterministic and stochastic signals, Nondestructive diagnostic of high voltage electrical machines


Project TA02010311: Intelligent measuring diagnostic system for estimation of operational state of high voltage electrical rotary and non-rotary machines (2012-2014)

Project TH02020288: The compact diagnostic system for operating high voltage condition monitoring of electrical machines using DC and low-frequency test voltage (2017-2019).