New Methods for Automatic Illuminance and Indoor Sound Distribution Measurement


The measurement in measurement points is one of used principle of verifying parameters in an building interior. It is used by national supervisory authorities (e.g., Regional Public Health Authority) or by private companies, which are interested in building design for example. The requirements on the illuminance, the light vector and the acoustic noise could be verified by measurements, which are given by the Czech technical standards. Such measurements are performed by specifying a measurement points network and then measurement in each of the measurement points. The technical standards are usually applicable to publicly accessible buildings and workplaces (e.g., schools, office buildings, hospitals, production halls). Therefore, these are mostly large objects. Measurements are made solely manually. The current methodology of measuring is thus very time-consuming.

Our previous work focused on a way how to streamline the measurement process. For the measurement points positions different technical demands are placed on different rooms. Therefore, a robotic measurement is the only possibility of the process automation. The robot is able to place the measurement points according to the standards by itself. Then, it performs the measurements in the network. The measurement runs in parallel with the determination of the measurement points network. It provides significant time savings.


robotic unit