Enhanced Industrial Acoustic Gas Thermometer


Acoustic Gas Thermometer is one of the possible realisations of the primary thermometer, capable of measuring the thermodynamic temperature and determining the correctness of the International Temperature Scale ITS-90.
These thermometers are being developed and maintained at several national metrology institutes, while the affordable industrial version is missing.
The objective of this work is to follow state of the art in the area of practical acoustic gas thermometers and to develop enhanced version of this type of thermometer, which could more match to the primary one, by its parameters.
The specific objectives include the investigation of the suitability of currently the most widely used gaseous medium (argon) and finding a more robust method of determining the time delay between the transmitted and received acoustic signal that would withstand extremely noisy environment. The research includes a construction of improved acoustic thermometer.
The further aim is the development of the practical aspects of the theory of wave propagation in the context of used waveguides.

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