The competition EMEC took place 19th February 2020 at the CTU Dejvice campus

The Electrotechnical Mechanical Engineering Competition (EMEC) took place 19th February 2020 at the CTU Dejvice campus. EMEC is a local engineering competition similar to international EBEC organized by the European student organization BEST, a non-profit organization and member of the Student Union at CTU.

The main goal of the competition was the development of students of technical universities and their introduction to business partners. The competition had three categories – Team Design, Case Study, and Interactive Design. In Team Design, a functional device had to been created, or a construction which performed assigned tasks. In Case Study, participants had to make up an original solution for a practical problem and presented the solution. In Interactive Design, students had to design the most sophisticated fusion of elements given into a functional device.

In more detail, seven teams competed in the category of Interactive Design. They had to construct a model of assistance system guiding the lorry driver as he reverses into the truck boxing in the logistics center. Most teams met the task very well and the results were very similar. The team of students from KyR CTU – FEE (T. Pilař, L. Bauer, T. Kestřánek, O. Bureš) came first in this competition. Two students of the winning team graduated under the supervision of Ass. Prof. Fischer at the Department of Measurement.

The main partners of this competition were Valeo, P&G, and Kamax. The competition was also supported by the following partners Merkur Toys, ŠKODA, Altron and CTU. The Department of Measurement FEE CTU supported the event with soldering equipment and also participated in the evaluation committee.

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