Home Laboratory - LEO (Little Embedded Oscilloscope) + VIDEO


The Department of Measurement has developed a unique device that allows practical teaching at home.

At a time of coronavirus limitations, it is not possible to conduct practical training in distance electronics in the traditional way due to the unavailability of laboratories equipped with specialized instruments. Due to the fact that the practical part of the course has an irreplaceable role, the team of the videometry laboratory of the Department of Measurement at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU in Prague has developed an innovative LEO device that allows students not only to gain practical experience but also experimentally in distance form and to confirm theoretical knowledge.

The device can be used as an oscilloscope, voltmeter, function generator, DC power supply, pulse generator, counter, or logic analyzer. All you have to do is download and then install the software on your computer and standard Nucleo F303RE board, which is available for free on the relevant website. The device is extremely cheap and can be used for experiments and gaining practical experience not only in electronics, sensor technology, electrical engineering, but can also be used in physics, biomedical engineering, and similar fields. Its operation is very simple and intuitive.

Many schools and educational establishments are currently facing problems in practical distance learning. The LEO device, developed at the Department of Measurement, which is used in the education of FEE students and future students in preparatory courses, has also found its place in high school students and has proven to be a suitable solution for other teaching sites solving the same problem of experimental distance learning.

Last but not least, the LEO device also makes it easier for enthusiasts - makers - to play and create fascinating technical devices and applications.

The report on the LEO device can be watched on CT24 news at this link (15:57).