History of the Department

After the political changes in 1989 contacts with institutions researching into and teaching measurement in western Europe and further afield have increased significantly. A number of teachers and students from our Department have had the opportunity either to teach at universities or to participate in research projects abroad. Contacts with leading manufacturers of measuring instruments and have been established. The number of seminars, workshops and conferences organised by the department has increased in the last years. Members of our staff have obtained a number of grants, and a considerable number of papers have been submitted for publication in domestic and international journals. The students of Measurement Technology have the opportunity to study at universities in other countries, either as part of an internship program, or in order to work on their diploma projects. There are also scientific co-operation with PTB Braunschweig und Berlin, TU Braunschweig (Germany), TU Tampere (Finnland), TU (Japan), TU Kosice etc. 

Doc. Ing. Petr Kocourek,CSc. was the head of Department in the year 1990-1997, followed by Prof. Ing. Vladimir Haasz,CSc until 2008. Prof. Ing. Pavel Ripka,CSc. was the head of Department in the year 2008-2011 until he was elected as dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Head of the Department was then Prof. Ing. Vladimir Haasz,CSc until 2014.

Currently, the Department is headed by Prof. Ing. Jan Holub, Ph.D. till 2024. The Department is involved in multiple important activities including H2020 projects (Artemis, ENSO), projects funded by TACR and GACR, and industrial projects (Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic, Honeywell, Skoda, Valeo, Continental, and many others). Our international patents are successfully commercialized by their licensing to industrial partners abroad and many foreigner undergraduate and post-graduate students and researcher guests are visiting the Department regularly, significantly contributing both to departmental research activities and keeping the lectured subjects content topical and fully competitive world-wide.